Collab365 Summit - May 2016
Delivered Live from Microsoft HQ

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of May 2016 the Collab365 Team produced 128 incredible SharePoint, Azure and Office365 sessions from the Worlds best speakers. It was all delivered direct to your device, for no cost at all. Now you can watch it all on-demand by clicking below!


Introducing our brand new Summit Experience for 2016 

Live Show!

Watch the LIVE SHOW streamed direct from Redmond or catch the recorded sessions from top speakers around the world. If you are a seasoned pro or just starting out on your career with SharePoint and Office 365 we have plenty to help you begin your skills journey.

Learn Lots!

100 sessions of amazing content brought to you by Microsoft - Direct from MS HQ and beyond, community experts and evangelists from right around the globe. Watch Dev sessions, IT Pro and Business sessions. It's all free to attend and is guaranteed to educate.

Have Fun!

As well as live sessions, live chat and real time twitter feeds, we have been adding more spice to the mix in the form of 2 real-time, tech based, fun as heck quizzes. Compete against your peers, win prizes and unlock new learning opportunities!

Microsoft product team speakers featured...

Bill Baer

Product Manager


Mark Kashman

Product Manager

Office 365

Chris McNulty

Product Manager

Office 365

Owen Allen

Tech Specialist

Office 365

Nick Robinson

Product Manager

Office 365

Raman Sharma

Product Manager


Christina Singletary

Content Manager

Learning Experience

Christophe Fiessinger

Product Manager

Office 365

Alym Rayani

Product Manager

Zayad Rajabi

Programme Manager

6 fascinating facts about the Summit!

3 days of content

The Collab365 Summit braodcast on 10th May and ended on 12th May!

It's all online

The Summit streamed online using our own virtual platform.

It's at Microsoft

Our production team were based in Microsoft HQ, Redmond.

It's got a live show

Andy Talbot hosted a live show from Redmond with an eye-popping line-up.

We'll find the best

We're on the hunt for the best DEV and IT PRO via 2 really cool live contests.

Goodies !!!

There were tons of freebies on offer with Raffles, surveys & contests.

Our 3 Day Programme

Collab365 Summit was split across 3 days covering SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and everything in between. Each day targeted at a specific role : the IT Professional, the Developer and the Business / End User. 

Day One - May 10th

for IT Professionals

Day Two - May 11th

for Developers

Day Three - May 12th

for Business Users

None of this possible would have been possible without the support of our sponsors ...

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